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I see myself as a security researcher, so I spend my most of time:

  • Understand vulnerabilities within complex real-world software and systems.
  • Explore the art of exploiting these vulnerabilities.
  • Develop the effective mitigation mechanism to defend against these attacks.


“是,登山是智慧生物的一个本性,他们都想站得更高些看得更远些,这并不是生存的需要。比如你,如果为了生存就会远远逃离这山,可你却登上来了。进化赋予智慧文明登高的欲望是有更深的原因的,这原因是什么我们还不知道。山无处不在,我们都还在山脚下。” —— 刘慈欣《山》