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idekCTF 2022 Writeup

idek2022 CTF Writeup idek2022 has provided several challenges with good quality. The sprintf challenge is a "wired" format string challenge in which I have summarized 3 different impressive approaches. Check them out!

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snykCTF 2022 Writeup

This is the writeup for the snykCTF 2022 which provided so many interesting web challenges. I take it as an opportunity to learn more about various web security topics which is why I spend time going through all the challenges again. I hope you find this writeup informative and enjoyable!

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Web Security

Google XSS Game Exploit & Patch

Hi, here are six easy but interesting XSS games hosted by Google. This blog records the writeup, how to patch these vulns and CSP-based protection strategies. More importantly, I summarized the browser parsing process in terms of the timing of different decoding occurring.

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MapleCTF 2022 Pwn Warmup1&2 Writeup

This blog is the writeup of the two pwn challenges, warmup1 and warmup2, which are provided in the recent Maple CTF 2022. Though they are just warmup, I think they are really interesting and kind of complex in terms of the second one, which are worth evaluation and summary.

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Samsung Security Tech Forum 2022 Writeup


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S.H.E.L.L. CTF 2022 Writeup

本次比赛以Th3ee参赛,最终在1092支参赛队伍取得92名的成绩。比赛的题目整体水平比较偏简单(Crypto, Forensic, Misc)。由于比赛没有PWN的题目,所以我本次比赛主要负责Forensics及其他类型的题目。值得一提的是,我们Th3ee的队标新鲜出炉,快点进来看看吧!

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