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Play with V8 - build, debug and basics

Lately, I have been working on customizing V8 which gives me a chance to learn more about V8. In this blog post, I will be sharing my experience of getting started with V8. The topics that will be covered include building V8 from the source, debugging V8, and comprehending V8's compilation pipeline.

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西湖论剑 WestLake 2022 babycalc

I was delighted to play in the WestLake CTF this year alongside my younger schoolmates and to see their high level of skill despite being only sophomores. Kudos to the younger generation, their future is certainly promising!

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idekCTF 2022 Writeup

idek2022 has provided several challenges with good quality. The sprintf challenge is a "wired" format string challenge in which I have summarized 3 different impressive approaches. Check them out!

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Web SecurityWriteup

snykCTF 2022 Writeup

This is the writeup for the snykCTF 2022 which provided so many interesting web challenges. I take it as an opportunity to learn more about various web security topics which is why I spend time going through all the challenges again. I hope you find this writeup informative and enjoyable!

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Web Security

Google XSS Game Exploit & Patch

Hi, here are six easy but interesting XSS games hosted by Google. This blog records the writeup, how to patch these vulns and CSP-based protection strategies. More importantly, I summarized the browser parsing process in terms of the timing of different decoding occurring.

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